A Handbook on Ayurvedic Intranasal Drug Therapy (Hard Cover)

A Handbook on Ayurvedic Intranasal Drug Therapy (Hard Cover)

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The term ‘Ayurveda’ (Indian system  of medicine) means knowledge of life. The main objects of Ayurveda is maintenance of the metabolic equilibrium of human psychosomatic machine and the restoration of the same to normalcy, if the homoeostasis is upset or disturbed by the aetiopathological factors. We feel that if Ayurveda is presented in today’s scientific language, it will be welcomed in better way from other scientists.

Now a days, Ayurvedic Panchkarma (5 body cleansing procedures) are popular worldwide. When the treatment of internal medicine falls short and expected results are not achieved, the Ayurveda physicians has to opt for Panchkarma.  Nasya karma or ‘Ayurvedic Intranasal Drug Therapy’ is one of these five body cleansing procedures. This book entitled ‘Ayurvedic Intranasal Drug Therapy’ (Nasya karma Chikitsa ) is an effort, taken for the explanation of Nasyakarma. Nasya karma (Transnasal Drug delivery) procedure is basically, a sort of cleansing procedure for the body when it is desired to extract the vitiated Dosha entities loged above the supra clavicular (Urdhwa jatru gat) part of the body.

Further, the book describes the scientific methodology of Nasyakarma procedure and its probable mode of action. We tried our best to explain the destiny of drug or metabolism of the drug administered(exploration of the path of administered drug)by nasal route in scientific way.

This book will prove very beneficial for the Ayurveda scholars and researches in the health science field who wish to benefit from this unique technique (Nasya karma) and use it for curing their patients. The topics described in this book have not been dealt in detail in the classical texts of Ayurveda, hence this book will act as a ready reckoner for students, Ayurved practitioners and last but not the least research scholars and researchers from all health discipline from all over the globe.

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